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In the world of packaging design,

the creation of mockups and prototypes is a critical step that bridges the gap between conceptual design and full-scale production. At Appart_, our Mockup & Prototyping service allows brands to visualize and test their packaging designs in a real-life setting and therefore lets the practice of all elements involved in the packaging, including the aesthetic appeal and practical functionality of the product, be fine-tuned and ready for the market.

Process of Developing Mockups and Prototypes

Our approach to creating effective packaging prototypes involves several detailed stages:

Prototype Development: We translate design concepts into physical samples that clients can touch, feel, and interact with. This step is crucial for assessing the design’s tangible aspects and overall impact.

User Trials and Focus Groups: Having trials with the users and focus group interaction will give us a basis for collecting important feedback on the ergonomics of the packaging, unboxing experience, and general appeal.

Performance Testing: We test the prototypes to ensure they meet all functional requirements, including durability, protection, and ease of use, adjusting the design as needed based on test outcomes.

Investing in Mockup & Prototyping

Spending in mockups and prototyping is essential for any packaging project because it:

Reduces Risk: Identification of design flaws at an early stage of the process saves thousands in expenses during manufacturing.

Enhances User Experience: Ensure that the end product is designed to suit user needs and expectations due to a design that has been tried with real users.

Supports Effective Marketing: A well-designed and tested package will actually complement marketing efforts by ensuring that the product is easily visible on the shelf and enhances the good unboxing experience.

Our Approach to Mockup & Prototyping

At Appart_, with an in-depth understanding of brand strategy, we merge the state-of-the-art in design and testing to ensure that our multidisciplinary team produces prototypes that look good and work in everyday life.

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Find answer in our FAQs

FAQ: Mockup & Prototyping

1. How long does the prototyping phase typically take?

This always depends on the complexity of the packaging design and the required level of testing. But usually, the range varies from a couple of weeks to several months.

2. Can Appart_ handle multiple iterations of prototypes?

Yes, our process is designed to accommodate multiple iterations, allowing us to refine the prototype based on continuous feedback and testing results.

3. What materials do you use for prototypes?

We use several different materials that best represent the final material used in the final product to give an accurate representation of the finished packaging.

4. How do you ensure that the prototype aligns with our brand’s identity?

We start every project getting to know your brand values, market positioning, and target audience. This ensures that everything, from the design to the materials used in the prototype, conveys and captures your brand.

5. What happens if a prototype doesn’t meet the expected outcomes?

In case a prototype fails to bring out the desired results, we analyze the feedback and draw out the areas that need correction in the design. That means continuous iteration of the design up to the point where the prototype achieves the best brand and functional fit.

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