AboutWe are a passionate team of digital creators, brand crafters & product innovators

At Appart_, we are proud of being able to turn ideas and dreams into realities and we feel complete when our clients love the result. To do so, we develop immersive user-centered strategies that help businesses grow and innovate. We build therefore strong and close client relationship which are essential for a success. Understanding the client’s needs and meeting their quality standards and expectations become our obsession. We create a detailed and personalized process for each of our clients and we take the time to research, understand & simplify their specific problem or objective, one at a time, to reach to a successful destination.

“I thrive with every new challenge”

Miquel Padrés

lead ux/ui

“Every web is like a brand new house”

Eva Blanes

Lead UX/UI Designer
brand strategist

“If you are different, you will succeed”

Agnès Mora

Brand Strategist
junior product designer

“Prototyping always leads to perfection”

Joshua Han

Junior Product Designer
senior product designer

“I love products that have a soul”

Niek Wassink

Senior Product Designer

“Why” is the solution to everything.

Pailin Sinhaseni

Brand Strategist
web developer

“Where others see code, I see possibilities”

Santi Bassa

Senior Web Developer
junior product designer

“Functionality and beauty are essential”

Sujinda Tubtim

Junior Product Designer

“Creative thinking adds value to everything”

Trin Oupkham

Senior Graphic Designer
senior product designer

“I am a crafter of dream products”

Herald Ureña

Lead Product Designer

"Bold and wide, not just your regular type"

Pathorn Buddhari

Junior Graphic Designer

"I dream of dominating the universe"

Darth Bader


You could be the next one!



We look for hybrid talents
and build our global
teams around divergent




Let's talk about a new project

Let's talk about crushing the competition

Let's talk about your end consumer

Let's talk about studying the market

Let's talk about launching a new product

Let's talk about creating a new brand


    Clients & Partners

    • British-Airways
    • CocaCola
    • htc
    • Barun
    • Ambipur
    • Roca
    • Nestle
    • Nike
    • pepsico
    • Franco-Thai
    • rangsit
    • jaspal
    • Caggioni
    • Bimbo
    • Ozoneir
    • Meinl
    • Microsoft
    • AstonMertin
    • thammachart
    • T-Mobile
    • ALESSI
    • O2
    • vivo
    • verifone