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It is known and has been proven that visual appeal plays a very strong role in impacting consumer choices in a competitive retail environment, especially where products are saturated like fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). At Appart_, we understand that there is a lot of power in visuals for packaging and hence dedicate the service to the creation of eye-catching visual elements that not only capture attention but communicate the essence of the brand.

Creating Impactful Packaging Designs

Our approach to developing compelling packaging visuals involves a detailed and strategic process:

Visual Concept Development: We start by understanding the product and the main values of the brand. From here, we develop visual concepts using a range of abstract and figurative illustrations that are a fit for the particular consumer base.

Color and Material Selection: We select colors and materials most appealing to the target audience and that reflect the product attributes. For instance, green and beige can be used for products that target the sustainable consumers.

Photography Direction: If the packaging design requires photography, we provide direction to ensure that the imagery complements the overall design and enhances product appeal.

Copywriting for Packaging: We write package copy that communicates the benefits and features of the product in a clear manner, while making it resonate with the target audience and establishing a voice that suits the brand.

The Importance of Professional Packaging Visuals

Professional packaging visuals can set a product apart on crowded shelves and help it connect emotionally with consumers. This connection is crucial in converting first-time buyers into loyal customers by ensuring the packaging communicates the right message and values. Also,72% of American consumers say that product packaging design influences their purchase decisions,highlighting the significant impact of well-crafted visuals.

Our Approach to Packaging Visuals

At Appart_, we intersect marketing intelligence with creativity to produce not only visually appealing packaging but also those strategically aligned to the brand's objectives. And this is where our strategic and multi-disciplinary team works at each and every detail, starting from color schemes and material textures to typography and imagery, by developing features in the packaging that add to the uniqueness of a brand.

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FAQ: Packaging Visuals

1. How does Appart_ ensure that packaging visuals align with a brand’s identity?

In each project, we conduct deep analysis of the brand, mission, target audience, and market position of the brand. This is just to ensure that the visual elements we create further exemplify the brand's identity and are appealing to the brand's intended audience.

2. What trends in packaging visuals do you follow?

We stay updated with the latest trends in packaging design, including typeface, form, color and illustration styles. However, our designs are tailored to the brand’s unique needs rather than just following trends.

3. Can you handle the complete design and production of packaging visuals?

Yes, our services cover all stages from initial concept and design to the final production-ready files, including coordination with manufacturers for printing and production.

4. How does Appart_ integrate sustainability into packaging visuals?

We consider sustainability in every step of our design process—from the selection of eco-friendly materials to ink selection, designing for recyclability, and considering reduced environmental impact.

5. What is the turnaround time for developing packaging visuals with Appart_?

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of the project and client requirements but typically ranges from a few weeks for simple designs to a few months for more comprehensive projects.

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