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Our team merges their deep understanding of user experience and strong knowledge of materials to create a useful and memorable packaging from a technical and creative point of view. Our approach involves factoring in your target audience, their buying behavior, your brand’s unique visual identity and narrative to craft a packaging that creates long lasting impacts. Bringing together aesthetic, practicality and functionality.

We recognize the important role packaging plays in communicating the brand’s story and shaping consumer experience. By bringing together aesthetic, practicality and functionality, we believe your audience's first tangible touchpoint with your brand will elevate their experience.

What We Do

Our service includes concept developments, material research, prototyping and mockups to elevate the packaging look and feel in real world scenarios. We provide turnkey support from concept to product launch, assisting and monitoring every step of the production and printing process.

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FAQ: Packaging

1. How does Appart_ ensure that packaging design reflects our brand identity?

We begin by deeply understanding your brand’s core values, visual identity, and narrative. This foundational knowledge guides our design process, ensuring that every aspect of the packaging from color schemes and typography to materials and form factor—resonates with your brand identity and speaks directly to your target audience.

2. Can you accommodate sustainability goals in your packaging designs?

Sustainability is a key consideration in our design process. We conduct thorough material research to identify eco-friendly options that align with your brand’s sustainability goals without compromising on design quality or functionality. We also explore innovative packaging solutions that reduce waste and promote recyclability.

3. How do you handle the prototyping and testing phase?

Our prototyping and testing phase involves creating detailed mockups that allow you and your stakeholders to visualize the final product. We then test these prototypes for functionality, durability, and user experience, making adjustments as needed to ensure the packaging meets our high standards and your expectations.

4. What kind of support can we expect during the production and printing process?

You can expect end-to-end support from our team. We closely monitor every step of the production and printing process to ensure that the final product is faithful to the approved design. Our team works diligently to address any issues that arise, ensuring a smooth transition from design to production.

5. What is the timeline for a packaging design project?

The timeline for a packaging design project varies depending on the complexity of the design, material selection, and production requirements.Our team collaborates closely with suppliers to establish clear timelines and provide regular updates throughout the entire process. Typically, a project can range from a few weeks for simple designs to several months for more intricate packaging solutions.



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