9 September 2020

Typeface Design for Brand Awareness

A typeface refers to the design of lettering used in printing and includes within each particular typeface variations such as extra bold, bold, regular, light, italic, etc. Each variation of the typeface is called a font. It must be noted that the term typeface should not be confused with the term font…

design thinking bangkok
3 January 2020

How Design Thinking Can Accelerate Your Brand Innovation

Brands of all sizes are trying to respond quickly enough to changing consumer preferences. However, for brands to truly understand these needs is a real challenge. Regularly collecting data from customers can be useful but is it enough for brands to innovate?  Innovation in business can mean…

combuy brand guidelines
3 December 2019

Designing and Using Brand Guidelines

A logo is only the first impression. Defining a brand requires more than a visual identity, it is the unity of brand elements that represents a brand as a whole. Branding design based on a strong foundation can communicate the right message to the right audience. To ensure the branding…

logotype design
29 August 2019

Typographic Solutions – Character vs Function

In the branding process, one of the most crucial decisions that need to be made is choosing a logo that truly represents your business. The majority of renowned brands across the globe are now switching its logomark to a logotype. A logotype is a logo that consists of letterings or the name of a business, while a logomark is…

packaging design
2 July 2019

Branding for Food & Beverage Concepts

Food and beverage marketing has evolved from one brand advertisement to one broader attempt to shape the perception of the public about the company and its products. For example, fair trade coffee can be the same as other coffee, but the fair-trade indication provides information about the company’s working methods…

9 April 2019

Flat Design vs 3D Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design is a constantly evolving, required discipline in all domains of technology. It is heavily focused towards interfaces in software, websites and applications and as such, becomes heavily involved in many facets of our work and planning…

13 March 2019

Responsive Website vs App

In the matter of a web design company in Bangkok, it is now (rightly) taken for granted that it will be mobile responsive to at least be on a level playing field to compete within the given industry. Yet you may find many companies…

16 January 2019

Sustainable Design

When it comes to designing a product there are a variety of factors to consider. The look, build, style, colour scheme, functionality and materials to name but a few. It is the use and application of the product that most companies need to plan in the formation of the design phase…

20 December 2018

Web Design Considerations for UX

When considering either a brand new website, or website re-design, the general focus and consensus is on designing something that is aesthetically pleasing and well made. This is of course very true, however, to some degree it is almost taken as a given that a well coded and well-designed website would be produced based on your requirements…