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Trin Oupkham, Pasarapa Sinhaseni, Pathorn Buddhari, Miquel Padres.

CURO is an all-around activewear brand that appeals to a younger target.

CURO (means take care/I care in Italian) is A stylish activewear brand with an uplifting and playful approach to fitness. The brand highlights the joy of moving and serves a purpose for young women to feel more balanced in life.

curo sport color design

Curo's icon set is extracted from active sports movements and positions. Its colors were carefully mixed so they provide vibrant, active and delicate pallets.

curo active wear logo design
curo brand identity graphic system
curo graphic system
curo activewear clothing design
curo activewear bottle sport design
curo activewear poster design

and Impressive

curo activewear instagram design
curo business card design
curo web post
curo thank you card design

Whether you are going on a fast or a casual pace, CURO encourages you to forget about your personal records.

We pursue the idea of providing athleisure wear that highlights the joy of moving. Aiming to get the balance right for you to focus on reconnecting yourself as well as living vibrantly. Our designs are created to transition seamlessly into your next activity without compromising on style.

curo paper box packaging design
curo paper box packaging design

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