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Competitor analysis stands as a fundamental component

within our brand strategy process. Conducting a competitive analysis provides various possibilities to give businesses a decisive edge through finding the gap in the market. Additionally, it offers insights into existing communication strategies and visual identities that are being employed. A comprehensive analysis on the competitive landscape therefore is a critical tool that enables a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and identifies key opportunities.

Appart_ adopts a multidisciplinary approach to competitive strategy

through leveraging the expertise from a team of diverse backgrounds that comprises researchers, strategists, brand crafters and more. Our team conducts thorough research and compiles them into slides that provide valuable insights to help shape tactics and strategies so that your brand can stand out and thrive in the competitive environment.

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FAQ: Competitive Analysis

1. What is competitive analysis in the context of brand strategy?

It refers to identifying and evaluating your competitors to understand their position in the market, their overall brand message, brand identity and product offerings. The analysis of each competitor highlights their strengths and weaknesses that will facilitate decision making for your brands positioning, visual identity marketing and communication strategy.

2. What does Appart_’s competitive analysis process involve?

Our comprehensive analysis strategy starts with compiling a list of both direct and indirect competitors that are both local and global in order to have a clear overview and coverage of the market. We narrow down the list and conduct an analysis on where the competitor is based, their product range, price range, certifications, key message, visual identity and their overall branding across their website and social media. This elaborate approach provides us with conclusions that help navigate and shape positioning strategy, identity design and valuable insights to shape marketing and communication tactics. Insights are delivered in a comprehensive report with a summary of key takeaways from the competitive analysis. Appart_ meticulously tailors the reports to align with each client's unique goals and market scenarios to ensure that the findings integrate seamlessly into the broader brand strategy. This facilitates immediate decision-making but also future-proof brands by equipping them with strategies for long-term planning and adaptability to market changes and trends. We customise competitor and market analysis to provide strategies that will give your brand a competitive edge.

3. Why is Competitive Analysis important for a brand?

It provides an overview on the current market dynamic and trends as well as opportunities that are available for your brand. Competitive analysis also helps shape your brand’s competitive edge and USP through insights on current positionings in the market.

4. How often should a business conduct competitive analysis?

Based on the market your business operates in, competitive analysis can be done annually, quarterly or even monthly. Whenever significant changes occur in the market or with competitors new analysis can also be conducted.

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“Appart_’s analysis and understanding of our consumer needs and market trends was beyond expectation. Their thorough research and inventive process help us gain innovative potential and growth.”


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