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29 August 2019

Typographic Solutions – Character vs Function

In the branding process, one of the most crucial decisions that need to be made is choosing a logo that truly represents your business. The majority of renowned brands across the globe are now switching its logomark to a logotype. A logotype is a logo that consists of letterings or the name of a business, while a logomark is an identity design that contains a symbol. A logotype can be as effective as a logomark. There are several ways to associate a logotype with your brand personality including using a combination of colors or a custom typographic style. Additionally, it is also more memorable as there are fewer visual distractions.

bloombox logotype

Logotype, the easiest way to be recognized

When using a logotype, not only it allows your brand to be easily recognized, it also reduces the risk of confusion. Whether your business has a corporate look and feel or a more modernized approach to branding, when done correctly your brand identity will contribute to your brand communication success. A simplified and straightforward logo design can allow you to do much more in terms of developing a unified graphic system. Taking a balanced approach between functions and aesthetics is the key to achieve a well-defined brand presence.

It is no surprise that consumers are now being exposed to digital media more than print media. Therefore, a strong digital presence is vital for marketing as it is where the potential customers are. Brands are constantly seeking ways to improve the usability and desirability of their websites and digital applications. As a result, an ideal logotype has to be adaptable and flexible enough to display on different devices. With this in mind, flat and clean design is no longer just a trend. It is a minimalistic approach that serves functional purposes as well as creating a better engagement effect.


NewYorkTimes logo

An example of a brand that has been maintaining a strong and consistent branding identity for over 100 years while still adapting to the latest digital-savvy trend is “The New York Times”. It stands the test of time. While there are advantages to using a San-serif font, NY times sticks to its original Serif script logotype. This black type with timeless style represents the brand’s unique value propositions. Their gradual change in using more simplified typefaces and icons are now putting the brand in the new context without losing its character.

logotype design

bloomberg logotype

Another great example is Bloomberg’s visual identity. It is a refreshing concept for an established finance media company. Inspired by their business mission, to make business leaders smarter and faster, their new visual expression is bold and colorful. The new logotype is modern with a bespoke typeface. This was done to achieve the purpose of capturing a bigger audience on the digital platform while giving them a better viewing experience on mobile.

Similarly, our recent project “Sanctum” is a great example of custom type logo design. Sanctum is a fitness and martial arts club dedicated to the holistic caring of body and mind. In other words, it is a place dedicated to high-end lifestyle and exotic Asian martial arts. Taking these brand values into considerations, we were able to tailor a more strategize proposal. The result is an urbanized brand identity with a subtle hint of sophistication.

Sanctum logotype

Ki logotype

At Appart, we provide holistic services for companies of all sizes across diverse industries. Our services include brand strategy, verbal and visual identity design, communication development, and even product design and digital services. Get in touch with us to discuss any of your ideas in-depth and find out how we can help your brand specifically.

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