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Eva Blanes, Miquel Padrés, Agnès Mora.

Sanctum is a fitness and martial arts club dedicated to the holistic caring of body and mind.

It is a place devoted to the high-end lifestyle and exotic Asian martial arts. Taking these brand values of exclusivity, tradition, and contemporary into considerations, we were able to tailor a more strategize design proposal. The result is an urbanized brand identity and visual system with a subtle hint of sophistication.

sanctum black and white
sanctum style
sanctum business card
sanctum poster
sanctum boxing glove

We built a custom type logo and a set of illustrations, which portray the art of elegant and refined movements. The design reflects the immersive experience when the workout becomes your way of living.

sanctum boxing stage
sanctum business card

A contemporary training space that offers world-class martial arts and fitness training while focusing on arts, culture, community, and lifestyle.

sanctum poster urban
sanctum boxing stage
sanctum boxing space sign place environment

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