Paint My Rock



Miquel Padrés, Trin Oupkham, Pasarapa Sinhaseni, Jurairat Pattararakkul

Paint My Rock is a social business offering a DIY rock painting kit as a tool to practice self-care.

The brand focuses its effort to remind people that it is ok to feel and to help those with depression navigate through life without relying on medical treatment or therapists. Revolving around the brand’s core values, peace, self-love, and focus, the design we proposed offers a strong sense of art, nature, and calmness.

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paint my rock packaging
paint my rock

How did you feel when you were most
connected with nature? Just as
a pebble is tiny, we want you to find
peace in small things. Indeed,
an opportunity to reflect like this
can potentially lead to new goals.

stationary design
paint my rock

Paint My Rock proudly supports those navigating through life with depression. The effect of giving is immediate. When you give, you create a ripple effect.

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rock paint
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