namwiwat water brand identity design





Miquel Padres, Pailin Sinhaseni, Trin Oupkham, Pathorn Buddhari, Jurairat Pattararakkul.

Namwiwat is a MedTech company that brings turnkey sterilization and disinfection solution to healthcare businesses of any scale.

The goal of the project was to generate a visual identity that communicates the corporation’s values, strengths, and core business capabilities. For that purpose, we created a simplistic logotype with a gimmick of the sterilization process. Every asset of the brand visual concept was clinically developed to portray clean innovation technology.

Namwiwat’s mission is to strengthen the circle of trust between patients and doctors.

namwiwat doctor design
nam building sign logo design
namwiwat logo color
business card
stationary design
namwiwat circular graphic
company booket

Ultimately, know that the achievement of you can inspire aspirations in others.

namwiwat graphic design
brochure design

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