jivaka aroma massager





Passakorn Kulkliang.

Jīvaka, an aroma massage device inspired by Thai's wisdom.

Jīvaka,is a concept designed in the #rethai campaign, a portable electric massager inspired by folk wisdom products that have been in Thai for a long time, such as 'Luk Pra Kop'(Thai compress ball). The product combined modern technology with a minimalist design that emphasizes friendliness, ease of use, but retains the original identity of the traditional compress.

jivaka thai aroma massage device design
Jivaka massage device product design
jivaka massage device
jivaka device massage product

'Aroma oil capsule' will be released through the holes at the bottom, along with vibrating to relieve aches and pains during the aromatherapy oil compress, allowing the best massage experience anytime, anywhere.

jivaka thai massage device product design
jivaka thai massaging device
jivaka product design
jivaka thai product design

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