Miquel Padres, Claudia Bahima, Jurairat Pattararakkul, Nonlanee Duangvichai.

Divyne is leading a movement towards authentic, human-focused beauty in Southeast Asia.

Appart’s work helped the brand find its space and the language in which to address its audience. The brand strategy defined a storytelling approach revolving around Divyne’s communication and user-centric personality where the user establishes an online conversation with the brand, where sh@ shares h@r problems and the brand responds with a solution.

graphic design
divyne visual design
social media design

Visually the brand is expressed with a color palette that connects to both science-based and emotional values.

Both product formulations and conversations with the users are encapsulated into conversation bubbles and reinforced with emoticon and pictogram communication.

Appart Divyne

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