chand candle brand identity design





Pasarapa Sinhaseni, Miquel Padres, Trin Oupkham, Tham Bannakarn, Jurairat Pattararakkul.

Positivity of Candles – CHAND is a specialty candlemaker.

CHAND explores the different forms, perfumery, and colors in a contemporary reimagining of a timeless craft.

Their candles represent a sensual curiosity for art, life, and individual expression. Due to the small market of specialty candles in Thailand, CHAND would need a new visual to grow and create appeal around the product.

chand candle graphic
chand candle design
chand candle graphic
chand candle process packaging
chand candle packaging colors
chand candle setup background
chand candle store design
chand candle maker
chand candle graphic
chand satin candle design

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