Black Monday investment platform artificial intelligence





Miquel Padres, Pipit Sinsudtipong

BlackMonday is an AI-based private fund that provide exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

The name "BlackMonday" originates from the company's mission to shed light on investment prospects by going against prevailing market trends and sentiments. This approach involves making decisions that often defy conventional wisdom and popular opinions.

The angular motion represented in investment graphs, serves as the visual embodiment of BlackMonday's brand identity, which aims to exude boldness and trustworthiness.

Black Monday investment brand identity graphic design
Black Monday social media design
Black Monday brand identity alpha symbol investment
BlackMonday brand identity social media design
BlackMonday graphic design
BlackMonday instagram post design
BlackMonday tote bag design
BlackMonday brand identity collateral design
BlackMonday website design
BlackMonday icon design
BlackMonday Website application design
BlackMonday apple watch investment graph
Black Monday billboard design
Black monday investment portal platform ux ui design
BlackMonday ai investor platform graphic design
BlackMonday website application ux ui brand identity design

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