Ozoneair Purify

  • Miquel Padres
  • Trin Oupkham
  • Jurairat Pattararakkul

Ozoneair Purify is a unique air purifier that includes ozone technology and provides a disruptive experience in the air purifier market by offering a product with 3 cleaning modes. The regular mode operates by combining HEPA filtration with Ion technology and is aimed for home use. The ozone mode works with photocatalysis and direct radiation and is aimed at both commercial and home use. This mode is designed to clean spaces to the root of the problem by eliminating mold, bacteria and virus accumulated in surfaces such as walls and carpets.


New incorporation to Ozoneair’s product portfolio. The new product keeps consistency with the brand strategy design language while exploring new target audiences.


The minimalistic yet iconic formal expression of the product is aimed to be a well-being addition to your home or commercial space.


Market and user research lead to the technology innovative development of finding a disruptive hybrid solution able to tackle the needs of very diverse users. Those looking for an ongoing purification experience and those who seek to put an end to odor, mold, or bacterial issues.


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