• Miquel Padres
  • Claudia Bahima
  • Jurairat Pattararakkul
  • Nonlanee Duangvichai

Divyne is leading a movement towards authentic, human-focused beauty in Southeast Asia.

Appart’s work helped the brand find its space and the language in which to address its audience. The brand strategy defined a storytelling approach revolving around Divyne’s communication and user-centric personality where the user establishes an online conversation with the brand, where sh@ shares h@r problems and the brand responds with a solution. Visually the brand is expressed with a color palette that connects to both science-based and emotional values. Both product formulations and conversations with the users are encapsulated into conversation bubbles and reinforced with emoticon and pictogram communication.

We improved the logo to align with the new
strategy and kept the essence of the original brand to maintain recognition.


Experts create clean, cruelty-free products based on western standards that actually solve your beauty problems, not just cover them up.