• Pasarapa Sinhaseni
  • Miquel Padres
  • Trin Oupkham
  • Tham Bannakarn
  • Jurairat Pattararakkul

Positivity of Candles – CHAND is a specialty candlemaker artistically exploring the different forms, perfumery, and colors in a contemporary reimagining of a timeless craft. Their candles represent a sensual curiosity for art, life, and individual expression.

But as a new business, the most pressing goals were to grow the brand and create appeal around a very niche product. This and the small market for specialty candles in Thailand posed the main challenges CHAND would need to rise above.

What We Did – To kickstart growth, crafting a brand strategy by taking into account all aspects of the niche market was paramount. Ours set out to differentiate the brand, conveying a personality behind the brand, and refocus it through the lens of scroll-stopping style, and humanised tone of voice.


Our role in reviving the forgotten art of candles
helped elevate them to a new chapter
of their brand’s life.