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We bring together comprehensive strategies to build contemporary and practical product solutions to help achieve your business goals.

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Appart_’s Product Design Services in Singapore

Appart_ is the design agency in Singapore that can help create the product you dream of, from concept to launch. We create products as part of your business ecosystem with an innovation and brand-lead approach that satisfies the needs of your audience and connects to them at an emotional level.

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Research and Insights

Crafting a memorable experience first requires strong foundational insights. Our team of knowledgeable strategists will first conduct basic research to help us understand your brand to provide the best creative solutions. These insights that we collect will bring us closer towards a product benchmarking exercise where our team can assist in identifying opportunities and search for core values to help position your brand in the competitive Singaporean market. It is vital to have complete awareness of why your brand exists, to guide us to reaching target audiences, and achieving brand values. By making sure that we have the proper insights, the query we help you answer drives your brand to the next level and aids us in building your brand experience.

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Design Solutions

Every idea is possible. We explore the problems that are encountered before coming up with a solution. Products are designed with functional forms and provide complete features to accommodate the right people. This approach of empathizing with users is critical as it aids in defining what is essential for your final product. At this stage, re-evaluating the design and prototyping can occur to help validate ideas before they are manufactured into the final products. With prototyping, we can help understand and ensure that it works well and creates brand confidence that is long-lasting.

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Translating Brand Values to Visual Media

We translate your brand values into your products. Our team at Appart_ will creatively craft a unique design language that embodies your brand values well. Visual cues are important for brand recognition. The use of elements, treatments and material mixes are combined to create a lasting impression on users. People not only buy products, but they buy stories that are ingrained in it too.

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Bringing the Design to Life

Appart_ defies the creative limitations while bringing the design to reality. Our group of expert engineers are equipped with the latest technologies and tools to deliver a feasible solution. In addition to having a product that not only looks great, it is essential that the product works as intended and serves its purpose to benefit users. Appart_ has boundless knowledge in understanding of the manufacturing processes, conceivable mechanisms and production costs in Asia.


Manufacturing and Production

The concept is ready to be turned into a tangible product. With our team of engineering experts, Appart_ has all the know-how in regards to the manufacturing processes. We have connections with manufacturers in China and Asia that can help assist you in ensuring that the products made have integrity and a high standard of quality. We also specialize in helping European customers design, develop and source the right manufacturing partner in Asia’s supplier maze.

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What sets Appart_ apart?

Appart_ is an international multidisciplinary design consultancy that specializes in product design, branding and digital strategy. We also provide services for graphic design, marketing and communication, packaging and web and app design. We believe that creating successful brands requires thorough research and insights. The Appart_ team has a global character with a common ground of finding new perspectives on creative problem solving. Appart_ has partners and offices located in 3 major cities in Asia. Our location does not limit us. Our unique structure enables us to be able to stay close to clients while making sure production and manufacturing after finalizing concepts goes according to plan. Our strategic approach and global perspective helps you deliver a sustainable outcome. Appart_ recognizes the importance of tailoring works to provide your users with the best consumer focused-experience to create a brand experience. We supply complete design solutions from brand strategy to final product launches.

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What sets Appart_ apart?

Appart_ is a team of closely integrated designers that are prepared to assist and guide your business through the creative journey. Your product is the face of your brand and who you are as a business. We work boundlessly through experimentation and advise our clients on what designs would exhibit the brand’s vision best. Our adaptive team is capable of working with various sized companies ranging from small start-ups to global brands and can help assist you through unlimited creative possibilities while sustaining our design firms integrity and high standards.

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Anything you dream of is a possibility when the task is put in our hands. Product design is one of our strongest passions, along with branding and UX/UI. A challenging task is something we’d love to help you find creative solutions to. Our team of international designers with over 15 years of experience on their hands are always looking for contemporary design challenges that aim to provide a holistic solution to the problem. No matter how complex or simple your ideas are, please do not shy away. At Appart_, we are ready to work alongside you to bring your dreams into tangible reality every step of the way from concept to manufacturing.

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Areas of intervention

brand identity design

Brand identity design

Portraying your brand essence through visual stories that engage your end-consumers.

packaging visuals

Packaging visuals

We help you generate value for your brand through unique packaging experiences that communicate in no time.

website design

Website design

We define seamless experiences that respond to user needs and business goals.

digital media

Digital media

Creating your digital landscapes and exceeding UX needs, adapted to all formats.



We help you meet business budgets and quality needs with the right printing and manufacturing partner.

collateral design

Collateral design

We design and develop each of your brand’s touchpoints.

brand guidelines design

Brand guidelines design

Your brands do’s & don’ts and communication guidelines summarized in a file for life.

app design

App design

Get your users engaged and generate value everywhere, anywhere, anytime.

Editorial design

Layout and print support for your book, newspaper or magazine project.

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“Working with Appart_ was the right decision from the very first moment. They helped us transform our brand and grow our product portfolio which successfully achieved our goal of international market expansion.”


“As the number one sanitary brand in Europe we needed an agency up to the same stands which was able to adapt and develop our marketing strategy for the South East Asian markets.”


“Appart_’s analysis and understanding of our consumer needs and market trends was beyond expectation. Their thorough research and inventive process help us gain innovative potential and growth.”


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