• Roser Padres
  • Claudia Bahima
  • Miquel Padres
  • Gerard Adell
  • Steve Howe

Maecenas is the destination for fine art collectors and investors from all around the world. It is a 24/7 marketplace that reshapes the fine art market by connecting art investors and owners to exchange shares in art pieces using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Buyers and sellers will discover a curated selection of masterpieces belonging to different art movements from different centuries.

Maecenas unveils the future of fine art investments. It is an art investment platform without intermediaries. Their unique approach combines exclusive artworks with the latest trading platform innovations. It also raises funds from a syndicate of investors using the art collection as collateral.


We designed a digital platform and visual presence to express transparency, trust, and a sophisticated lifestyle. The objective was to increase its appeal to luxury buyers while portraying its characteristic of an innovative alternative to traditional auction houses. The website strategy communicates the innovative aspect of the platform. The real challenge was to create a website that appeals to more than one audience while conveying the message of trust.


We worked on a communication approach to create a platform that speaks to art investors, crypto crowds, high-networth individuals and institutions. Our UX/UI team was able to quickly address the drivers for each audience segment and created a structure that caters to different needs.


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