• Pathorn Buddhari
  • Claudia Bahima
  • Patsorn Arayaluck
  • Sujinda Tubtim
  • Miquel Padres
  • Pailin Pasarapa

GQ is an expert in understanding men’s clothing and apparel needs. «Best white shirt» is a project that is a symbol of changes in their brand. They invent new values for consumers in both functions and emotions. «Best white shirt» is the best in all aspects of design, fitting, functions, and features. They are fixing the problems that everybody looks aside in a simple shirt. Every thoughtful feature solves all the issues in a white shirt as they believe small details make a big difference.
We built a visual system that revolves around their new branding identity including packaging, pictograms and care card. Our packaging design team purposed a design direction that truly encapsulates the brand values of GQ; simple, energetic and smart. We aimed to create a packaging that exceeds the consumer’s expectations. The result is a minimalistic rectangular-shaped box that looks as if it contains a piece of gadget rather than a clothing item.


Best White Shirt is the all man shield for their everyday battle. ⁠To highlight the shirt’s multiple unique features such as stain-resistant, 1-minute easy ironing and different fittings for all body type, a set of pictograms was created. Through this process of creating a unified branding system, we were able to deliver one consistent experience to the consumers.