• Claudia Bahima
  • Pasarapa Sinhaseni
  • Miquel Padrés
  • Chloé Le Bouill

Tiby is a trendy Korean cosmetic brand offering long-lasting lip tints. It provides a fun and friendly approach to cosmetics. The products are available in convenient locations to capture the mass market.

The challenge for this project was getting the foundation right as they were building the brand from scratch. They sought a way to successfully launch the first product line with a compelling brand name and attractive packaging creation. We also defined a brand strategy that differentiates their products in the Thai market.


The brand name “Tiby” was created based on the given unique value propositions of the product. Tiby is short for Tiny + Beauty. Its look and feel in terms of visuals and verbal were created to appeal to the ideal target market. These are university students and women in their early 20’s.


These demographics are easily influenced by friends and celebrities. The purchase decision is made based on their emotions and the appearance of the product. Therefore, the colorful graphics system including brand identity and packaging was done to make the brand visually appeal to them. We created a graphic system that involves various elements and illustrations to make the brand coherent.


Confidence is a top driver for growth in the beauty industry. By keeping this in mind, we were able to develop a vibrant and playful concept that drives these consumer purchasing behaviors.


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