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  • Eva Blanes
  • Roser Padres

We spend most of our time indoors. So it’s time to think about cleaning differently. Ozoneair is a Swedish brand that provides clean technology from nature. They develop high quality and efficient products that purify what surrounds you. The Earth’s ozone purifies and removes pollution—their devices do the same. 

They sought support for a complete strategic revamp of their products and their overall company image and communication. The objective was to appeal to a broader range of consumers. To do that, we aimed to create a relevant and aspirational brand that reinforces the design and innovation.


We worked on a full range of service development from brand strategy to product launch for Ozoneair. Creating a lifestyle brand rather than a product-oriented business means that we should focus on the users. We started by auditing the existing brand channels (social media & website) and conducted a competitive analysis to understand the market.


This allows us to better targeting customers, which led us to define the brand strategy for each target group. The brand strategy was then translated into visual identity, website, and brand-driven product design. This creates consistency in branding and the overall product portfolio.


The brand identity is a logotype with the chemical formula O3 (Ozone) element, which represents the core technology of their products. We proposed a design direction that captures the brand attributes of Scandinavian, innovative, and smart. The final product, website, and branded collaterals also revolve around the same concept. Additionally, we have developed Ozoneair Plus, which is a device that solves a wide variety of users’ problems, from health issues to refreshing indoor air for public spaces.


Appart_ is currently an active design partner of the company with the challenge and goals ahead of growing at a regional and continental level. Thanks to both Ozoneair and Appart_ co-collaborative efforts, the company has been able to consolidate in Scandinavian countries with subsequential sales growth.


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