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3 December 2019

Designing and Using Brand Guidelines

A logo is only the first impression. Defining a brand requires more than a visual identity, it is the unity of brand elements that represents a brand as a whole. Branding design based on a strong foundation can communicate the right message to the right audience. To ensure the branding system is used effectively, a brand guidelines document must be created. This is a document that gathers all key elements of the brand.

combuy brandguidelines

The brand guideline

A brand guidelines document contains a system of brand assets. This system acts as an umbrella that unifies the brand. In other words, the brand elements are summarized in a book format that serves as a guideline for future brand development works. It can consist of identity design, stationery design, brand colors, typography, and photography language. Additionally, the tone of voice and brand message guideline can also be included to solidify the brand.

Besides, a brand guidelines document is a resource created for everyone in the company to use. It can even go beyond internal work especially if you are planning to work collaboratively with an outsourcing partner.

Always keep in mind that every communication effort has to reflect and align with the brand’s values and promises. To do that, the marketing team should always follow the given direction and the rules dictated in the document.

brand guidelines


Having consistent branding whether through words or design elements will not only clarify the personality but it will allow your brand to connect with the audience on a personal level. Additionally, by having a consistent design language, consumers will be able to recognize the brand and this will establish trust over time.

combuy billboard design

twitter logo brand guidelines

Taking a well-established brand like Twitter for an example. It is a social networking platform with over 300 million active monthly users. Twitter identity is being used publicly by millions of website developers and it is still capable of avoiding any misuse of the identity. It frequently updates strict guidelines with a helpful demonstration of the correct identity use. Twitter provides tools to make sure that every public communication about them is up to their branding standards.

This can be seen in our branding design work for Combuy, a marketplace for SME business at volume-discount price enabled by community buying. It guides the brand implementation from stationery design to graphic element usage across different platforms.

A unified brand visual should take proper usage of font, colors and brand elements into account. This brand document also suggests do and don’t of the branding such as the proper use of a logo. A harmonious brand personality is one of the key values that contribute to business success.



Company of any size including startups and large companies can benefit hugely from brand guidelines document. Appart_ offers graphic design services from a strategic point of view. We provide immersive user-centered graphic design services that help your business grow and innovate. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist you with the design process specifically.

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