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3 January 2020

How Design Thinking Can Accelerate Your Brand Innovation

Brands of all sizes are trying to respond quickly enough to changing consumer preferences. However, for brands to truly understand these needs is a real challenge. Regularly collecting data from customers can be useful...


16 January 2019

Sustainable design

When it comes to designing a product there are a variety of factors to consider. The look, build, style, colour scheme, functionality and materials to name but a few. It is the use and application of the product...

manufacturing product in china

16 September 2018

4 Potential Pitfalls of Manufacturing Your Product in China

You’ve created your product concept and now you’re ready to get it manufactured in China. While this may seem like a time to celebrate an important milestone, the journey to product completion may be just beginning...

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25 January 2018

The Appart_ agency wins a Red Dot Design award

The Red Dot Design Awards are a highly respected and internationally recognized design competition. Every year in Singapore, product design agencies use their industry knowledge, experience and talent...