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16 November 2022

The Psychology of Color

Have you ever come across infographics that show you the “psychology of colour” and the mood it represents? For example, yellow representing happiness, optimism and warmth? It represents a very surface level...

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29 November 2021

Custom Fonts and Why They Matter

Like memorizing the multiplication table, repetition can get boring really fast. Everyone wants to be different, be special and unique. To be able to stand out in an increasingly content-saturated world, we aim to be individualistic, and exclusive.

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26 October 2021

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Become A Graphic Designer

Have you just recently graduated or have a change in heart in your own field, wanting to try to dip your toes into the fields of Graphic Design instead? Pursuing a career in Graphic Design sounds relatively easy…

magazine design

9 September 2020

Typeface Design for Brand Awareness

A typeface refers to the design of lettering used in printing and includes within each particular typeface variations such as extra bold, bold, regular, light, italic, etc. Each variation of the typeface is called a font…

combuy brand guidelines

3 December 2019

Designing and Using Brand Guidelines

A logo is only the first impression. Defining a brand requires more than a visual identity, it is the unity of brand elements that represents a brand as a whole. Branding design based on a strong foundation can communicate...

bloombox name card design

29 August 2019

Typographic Solutions – Character vs Function

In the branding process, one of the most crucial decisions that need to be made is choosing a logo that truly represents your business. The majority of renowned brands across the globe are now switching its logomark to a logotype...

churros food packaging design

2 July 2019

Branding for Food & Beverage Concepts

Food and beverage marketing has evolved from one brand advertisement to one broader attempt to shape the perception of the public about the company and its products. For example, fair trade coffee...


12 February 2018

Why a Visual Identity System Is More Memorable Than a Logo?

When it comes to graphic design for a brand, many business owners believe a logo is enough to make a lasting impression on customers. While it’s true that a well-crafted logo can leave a memorable mark on potential clients...