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2 July 2019

Branding for Food & Beverage Concepts

Food and beverage marketing has evolved from one brand advertisement to one broader attempt to shape the perception of the public about the company and its products. For example, fair trade coffee can be the same as other coffee, but the fair-trade indication provides information about the company’s working methods. David Vladeck, former director of the FTC, referred to this as ‘image’ advertising and quoted that instead of concentrating on the product, it focuses on ‘the identity that the company wants to project to the public’ (Pomeranz & Adler, 2015).


This is an important concept and something we work towards as a branding agency and with the branding service we offer in Bangkok. In food and beverage marketing there are very important topics, such as test marketing, segmentation, positioning, branding, targeting, consumer research and market access strategies. All these factors need to be considered along with the process of harvesting or food cycles that can also affect the methodology involved in the process of the food or beverages put into the marketplace.

Business competition

Today, F&B businesses are highly competitive, and it becomes infinitely and increasingly harder to stand out in such a crowded industry. Any brand or product that is new to the table needs the appropriate marketing strategy development and brand positioning in order to create visuals that appeal to the right target audience. By focusing on good quality graphic design and intelligent brand strategy, a lot of the challenges and pitfalls that could beset a company without the above factors can be effectively avoided.



What marks a good F&B brand strategy out is utilizing the concepts of sensory experience and association with the 5 senses. Wherever food and drink are consumed, there is always a multi-sensory atmosphere and the challenge is re-creating that through the visual design elements starting with the logo design, through to packaging and ultimately the brand presentation. Taking any global and well-known F&B brand, it is those associations we make that really helps us identify and associate their taste sometimes through a sound bite or visual representation that becomes synonymous with that brand.



With our key expertise as a graphic services and branding company in Bangkok we have taken these concepts through many projects related to the industry. A couple of examples of how this is used is with Hello Churros which is a Spanish food & beverage concept created to captivatethe hearts of the most demanding Bangkok foodies.

This can also be seen with our work on five-s which showcases packaging architecture by using a specific pattern system. The design is created for South East Asian Chili Sauce from Singapore that brings traditional values and flavours into the region’s households. You may scroll through our portfolio and see many more examples of how we develop these brands and create something truly iconic and memorable to help position these companies appropriately for their target audiences.

re_FIVE S - Visual Identity & Label

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