While many businesses will want quick and achievable results, it is their long-term vision, encompassing a specific set of goals that will take them over and above within their chosen industry.

Being able to combine components of your companies' character and then to make it identifiable in the marketplace is what would set you apart and be unique from the competition.

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Once a brand has been identified and a methodology of conveying that on mass, it is also important to look at competitors and understand what they have done that has worked effectively.

In some cases, the brand itself, once fully established can deliver seamless messages without the use of heavy marketing or production values. For a business to understand how that is achieved and then to replicate or improve on that in their chosen field is essential to be successful.

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Coupled with doing competitor research and analysis, it is also very important to understand the marketplace and the perceived values ​​and desires of consumers for your chosen product or service.

It is always worth doing a deep analysis to find unique opportunities or niche's that your brand could fill and then to convey that in a simple and effective way.

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A truly efficient way of doing that is to build your ideal client/customer in terms of their wants, needs, and desires and to refine your message to connect in a way that is easy to understand. Usually, the simpler and clearer the message, the more a consumer can identify and align with it to make their buying process much easier.

We find demonstrating such a message through the process of storytelling to be highly effective for it to really “stick” and be memorable. If there are unique concepts and beliefs behind a particular brand strategy generated from a simple idea and then expanded to encompass the company as a whole, then that can be something customers can truly resonate and connect with.

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As a well-established branding company in Bangkok, Appart's previous work has fused these idea's and concepts to create highly memorable brand strategies.

An example of this was used for Oy! Croquette , who entered into the fast food market in the Philippines. In order for them to compete with multinational chains, the idea created was to be playful and utilize a Spanish explorer discovering this new country (Philippines) who fell in love with the culture and decided to recreate fusion food.

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Another example of our brand design services in Bangkok was with Vind , , a Swedish air purifier which functioned as an ozone generator driven by innovation and sustainability.

Unlike other health appliances who tapped into consumers fears as a way to sell their brand, Vind positioned themselves as a modern and lifestyle brand leaving the story of how fresh and pure your home could be as if being in the mountains. If you'd like a similar brand strategy for your company, feel free to get in touch with us and see how we can help.

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