13 March 2019

Responsive Website vs App

In the matter of a web design company in Bangkok, it is now (rightly) taken for granted that it will be mobile responsive to at least be on a level playing field to compete within the given industry. Yet you may find many companies…

16 January 2019

Sustainable Design

When it comes to designing a product there are a variety of factors to consider. The look, build, style, colour scheme, functionality and materials to name but a few. It is the use and application of the product that most companies need to plan in the formation of the design phase…

20 December 2018

Web Design Considerations for UX

When considering either a brand new website, or website re-design, the general focus and consensus is on designing something that is aesthetically pleasing and well made. This is of course very true, however, to some degree it is almost taken as a given that a well coded and well-designed website would be produced based on your requirements…

global trends
1 November 2018

Adapting Your Brand to Global Trends

Developing a clear and concise message to deliver to a target audience is paramount in the success and longevity of one’s own brand.
The way a company portray themselves and their ideologies through their message carries a lot of weight to how the consumer perceives…

brand strategy
26 October 2018

Gaining Value Through Brand Strategy

When it comes to a business’ identity and core values, the easiest and most effective way to deliver a company’s message lies in their brand strategy. To construct an effective brand strategy, it is first important to understand the beliefs behind a particular business’s products or services…

28 August 2018

Transforming Your Brand Image, from Local to Global

In order to develop a company brand and give it a more global appeal, it is important to understand how local products and cultures influence the world, what is the impact they cause, how are they perceived and understood…