25 January 2018

Appart_ Wins a Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Awards are a well respected and internationally recognized design competition. Each year in Singapore, product design agencies ply their industry knowledge, expertise and design flair to produce innovative and pioneering products for the consumer market. At Appart_, we are delighted and very proud to have received the 2017 version of this award for our innovative design on the OLi Bluetooth standing speaker.



Our aim as a leading product design agency in Asia is to produce some of the most cutting-edge and eloquent product development and we especially excel in consumer design electronics. With this award, it provides a great endorsement for our ability to take an existing design concept and mold it into something that engages and appeals to a connoisseur of a particular industry. Speaker design is nothing new and through our innovations and eye for detail, we have taken the consumer product design to a new level of art and appeal.

The OLi,’s speakers’ primary objective is to optimize sound quality. It achieves this by projecting the sound from an optimal height. Placing it strategically in a room not only will give the user the best possible sound experience but also provide a beautifully positioned art form which fits perfectly in any contemporary apartment or modern home.

Our ability to have a leading eye for detail and appealing to consumer demands to have elegant and sleek consumer products has led to our winning of this award. Being a product design agency based in Bangkok but also serving clients in Singapore, Hong Kong and across Asia, gives us a competitive edge as we combine multiple cultures, ideals and form to produce what we feel are outstanding product designs. Our ability to strive for excellence and continue to push the boundaries of design and development keeps us as a leading product and graphic design agency.


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