What is a visual identity graphic system?

While a logo is just a symbol or wordmark that represents your business, a visual graphic system combines several visual elements that can leave a more memorable impression. In other words, a visual graphic system is all about brand identity design. Bangkok business owners may be surprised to hear that a logo is actually part of this graphic system.

While the logo makes up a single part of the system, other visual elements—such as a color palette, imagery and fonts—are also part of a graphic system. When these elements are combined, they create a set of visual cues that potential customers and current clients will associate with your band. Because a graphic identity system contains a collection of visuals, it will have a larger impact than just a single logo can have by itself.

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How a visual identity system helps

When it comes to brand identity design services, the visual graphic system provides companies the ability to communicate their brand effectively. The goal of the visual cues is to give your brand a consistent personality and image while providing customers a series of visuals that will create familiarity. While this has obvious benefits that help people recognize your brand, there is also another marketing benefit.

A visual identity system allows your brand to be more versatile, enabling your business to create different brand collaterals, such as packaging, brochures and other marketing materials. If you’re a business owner looking for this type of brand identity design, Thailand’s Appart has_ created these systems for many clients. To explain, let me show you how we’ve done this.

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Examples of visual graphic systems

Appart’s project for the exported Spanish food & beverage concept, HelloChurros!, is a great example of a visual graphic system. For this client, we created several logo variations, colors and pictograms that were combined to form multiple packaging creations and graphic elements.

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Creating this collection of visual designs is very important for F&B concepts as well as retail, real estate or sectors that require plenty of marketing materials and packaging.

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While a logo is still extremely important for your business, we now hope you see the greater impact a visual graphic system can have on your brand. Whether you want this or other brand creation services, Thailand’s Think Appart is your proven graphic design choice. We take pride in being Bangkok’s premier brand identity design company, and are happy to help you design a brand that will attract customers and leave a lasting impression. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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